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The McLean County Regional Planning Commission is seeking public input for the 2024 update of the Human Services Transportation Plan (HSTP), specific to the rural areas of Ford, Iroquois, Kankakee, Livingston and McLean (Region 6).

The plan is funded by the Illinois Department of Transportation and specifically addresses the public transportation needs of the disadvantaged rural populations including seniors, individuals with disabilities, veterans and people with low income.

Please view the flyer below for locations with paper copies available. MCRPC offices will also have a copy available for review. Please stop by our office at 115 E Washington St. Ste: M103 Bloomington, IL 61701 to view a paper copy. 

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The Human Services Transportation Plan (HSTP) works to ensure the best possible use of scarce public transportation resources, identifying goals for transit service and objectives for implementation.  The plan draws together two groups – public and private providers of transportation services, and social service agencies and advocacy groups representing the riders.  Some social service agencies are also transportation providers.

This program began as a federal funding initiative to make the most effective use of resources for transportation for seniors, people with disabilities and others needing paratransit service such as non-emergency medical transportation particularly in rural areas. Urbanized Areas with Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) that have their own HSTP process/committees and/or plans within Region 6 are also included.


Rural Counties

Ford County

Iroquois County

Kankakee County

Livingston County

McLean County

Urbanized Areas




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A number of service providers operate in Region 6, some of which provide public transit service, and others who serve limited populations, agency or institutional clients or schools. You can use this search engine to find what public transit service is near you. 

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Region 6 2015 Human Services Transportation Plan

The plan includes demographic information for all 5 counties such as vehicle ownership, income, poverty and employment; human service providers, human service transportation providers and goals and objectives for the Region 6 committee to implement.

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