A number of service providers operate in Region 6, some which provide public transit service, and others who serve limited populations, agency or institutional clients or schools.

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Ford County

Community Resource and Counseling Center

Address: 1510 W Ottawa Road, Paxton, IL 60957

Phone: (217) 379-4302 or (888) 971-5853

Web address: http://www.4crcc.com/

Email: info@4crcc.org

Service locations: Livingston, Iroquois and Ford counties

Types of Services: Behavioral health services including mental health treatment, community support services, substance abuse services and psychiatric services 

Developmental Services Center

Address: 1304 W. Bradley Ave., Champaign, IL 61821

Phone: 217-356-9176

Fax: 217-356-9851

Web address: http://www.dsc-illinois.org/

Transportation Coordinator: Mike Carlson

Email: mcarlson@dsc-illinois.org

Private Nonprofit Organization

Service includes: Paxton

Demand Response service

Schedule: Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm

Eligibility Requirements: Agency Client    

Fare: None

Minimum Reservation Notice: None

Ford County Public Health Department

Address: 235 North Taft Street, Paxton, Il 60957

Web address: https://fordcountyphd.org/services

Care Coordinator: Kami Kimmel

Email: kkimmel@fordcountyphd.org

Gibson City Area Telecare Services, Inc

Address: 215 East Third Street, Gibson City, IL 60936

Phone: 217-784-4891

Private Nonprofit Organization

Ford County Transportation Services: Demand Response

Schedule: Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:00pm

Eligibility Requirements: Seniors & Disabled

Minimum Reservation Notice: 24 hours - 2 days

Iroquois County

The Arc of Iroquois County

Address: 700 E. Elm Street, Watseka, IL 60970

Phone: 815-432-5288

Fax: 815-432-5288

Email: iroqcoei@hotmail.com

Executive Director: Christine McTaggart

Email: christinem@thearcirq.org

Phone: 815.432.5288 x29

Iroquois County Early Intervention Program

Provides services to children from birth to three with developmental delays.

Options Center for Independent Living

Address: 130 Laird Lane, Suite 103, Watseka, IL 60970

Voice: 815-432-1332

TTY: 815-432-1361

Fax: 815-432-1360

Iroquois Mental Health Center

Address: 323 W. Mulberry Street, Watseka, IL 60970 

Iroquois Memorial Hospital

Address: 200 East Fairman Avenue, Watseka, Illinois 60970 

Phone: 815.432.5841 or 800.242.2731

Iroquois Regional Health Center

Address: 200 N. Laird Lane, Watseka, IL 60970

Phone: 815.432.5841 or 800.242.2731


Iroquois Home Care


Iroquois Memorial Hospice 

Phone: 815.432.0185


Iroquois Home Health

Phone: 815.432.6175

Web address: http://www.iroquoismemorial.com/getpage.php?name=IMH_Home_Health


Outpatient Therapy

Phone: 815.432.2051

Iroquois County Public Health Department

Administrative Center

Address: 1001 East Grant Street, Watseka, IL 60970

Web address: www.co.iroquois.il.us/health-department/

Phone: 815.432.2483

Fax: 815.432.2198


Iroquois Community Health and Social Services Center

Address: 850- South Fourth Street, Watseka, IL 60970

Phone: 815.432.1088

Fax: 815.432.1091


Promotes health through school and community health programs, environmental health, and maternal/child health. Home health care encompasses a broad spectrum of health services that can be provided to recovering, disabled, or chronically ill persons.

Iroquois County Veterans Assistance Commission

Address: 1001 East Grant Room 112a, Watseka, IL 60970

Phone: 815-432-2721, fax: 815-432-2721

Jennifer Ingram

Webaddress: http://www.co.iroquois.il.us/affiliates/vac/


Veterans Assistance Commission

Iroquois County Veterans Transportation Service: Demand Response, Door to Door

Transportation is provided from your home in Iroquois County to VA clinics in West Lafayette, IN and Mattoon, IL, and the Danville, IL VA Medical Center.

This service is provided for veterans living within Iroquois County.

Volunteer Services of Iroquois County

Address: 1001 East Grant Street, Watseka, IL 60970

Phone: 815-432-5785

Fax: 815-432-3249

Peggy Gossett, Director

Organization Type: Private Nonprofit

Service Area: Iroquois County 

Transportation Services: Demand Response

Schedule: Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:00pm

Eligibility Requirements: 60 or over, or Medicaid.

Fare - requested donation: $8.00   

Minimum Reservation Notice: 1 day

Kankakee County

Catholic Charities Diocese of Joliet

Kankakee, Ford & Iroquois Counties

Address: 249 S. Schuyler Ave., Suite 300, Kankakee, IL 60901 

Phone: 815-933-7791

Fax: 815-933-4601

Catholic Charities

Address: 270 N. Schuyler Ave., Kankakee, IL 60901

Phone: 815-933-7791

Fax: 815-932-3030

Organization Type: Private Nonprofit

Service Area: Iroquois and Kankakee County 

Transportation Services:  

Fare: .345 reimburse rate

Cornerstone Services, Inc., Community Services Developmental Training

Address: 1475 Harvard, Kankakee IL 60901

Phone: 815.823.8412

Duane Dean Behavioral Health Center

Administration OMT and Criminal Justice Programs 

Address: 700 E. Court Street, Kankakee, IL 60901

Phone: 815-939-0125

Web address: www.duanedeanbhc.org

Organization Type: Private Nonprofit        

Service Area: Kankakee County 

Transportation Services: Demand Response

Schedule: Monday-Friday 7:00am-3:30pm

Eligibility Requirements: Agency Clients

Fare: None       

Minimum Reservation Notice: None

Good Shepherd Manor, Inc

Bruce Fitzpatrick, President

Amy Dehaan - PR Director

Amy Carmack, Director of Development

Phone:  (815) 472-3090


Address: 4129 N. Rt. 1 & 17 PO Box 260, Momence, IL 60955

Phone: 815-472-3700 Ext 3

Fax: 815-472-6086

Email: amy.e.dehaan@gmail.com

Web address: http://www.goodshepherdmanor.org/

Organization Type: Private for Profit

Service Area: Kankakee & Chicagoland 

Transportation Services:  Demand Response

Schedule: 24/7/365

Eligibility Requirements: Residents Only

Fare: None           

Minimum Reservation Notice: None

Kankakee County Community Services

Address: 657 E Court St, Kankakee, IL 60901

Kankakee County Training Center for the Disabled, Inc.

Address: 333 South Schuyler Avenue, Bradley, IL 60915

Phone:  815.932.4022

Fax: 815.932.2131

TDD Phone: 815.932.4022

Web address: https://www.kankakeecountytrainingcenter.org/


Steve Mitchell – President 

Email: smitchell@kctc-org.com

Provides developmentally disabled adults with opportunities to acquire skills necessary to become more productive, contributing members of their community.


Kankakee County Training Center for the Disabled, Inc.

Address: 595 Industrial Drive Bradley, IL 60915 

Phone: (815) 939-9980

Also in Watseka

Kankakee County Veterans Assistance Commission

Richard Campbell


Veteran's Assistance Center

Address: 135 N. Schuyler Ave., Kankakee, IL 60901

Phone: 815-937-8489

Fax: 815-937-3655

Email: vac@k3county.net

Web address: http://www.k3county.net/veterans.htm


Veterans Assistance Commission

Kankakee Veterans Transportation Service: Demand Response, Curb-to-Curb

Transportation is provided from your home to VA medical appointments.

This service is provided for veterans living within Kankakee County.

Schedule: Monday through Friday, 8:30 to 2 pm, must call by 11 am the day before appointment 

Kankakee Veterans Administration Outpatient Clinic

Address: 581 William Latham Drive, suite 303, Bourbonnais, IL 60914

Phone: 815.932.3823 or 815.468.1027 

Fax: 815.932.3827

Illinois Department of Veterans' Affairs (IDVA) Kankakee County

Manteno Veterans Home

Address: 1 Veterans Drive, Manteno, IL. 60950

Veteran Service Officers

Kurt Schierholz         

Phone: (815) 468-6581 Ext. 230
Hours of Operation: 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday

Malon Norfleet         

Phone: (815) 468-6581 Ext. 218
Hours of Operation: 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday

Options Center for Independent Living - in Kankakee County

Therese Cardosi, Executive Director 

Phone: (815) 936-0100, ext. 230

Address: 22 Heritage Drive, Suite 107, Bourbonnais, IL 60914

Voice: 815-936-0100

TTY: 815-936-0132

Fax: 815-936-0117

Thresholds Sandler Center

Jeanette Tetreault, Program Director

Address: 4529 S. 8500 E Road, St Anne, IL 60964

Phone: 815-427-6888 Ext 241

Fax: 815-427-8439

Email: jtetreault@thresholds.org

Web address: http://www.thresholds.org/

Thresholds Kankakee

Kankakee County 

Address: 202 N. Schuyler Ave., Suite 205, Kankakee, IL 60901

Phone: (815) 348-4508,

Demand Response

Schedule: Monday-Friday 6:30am-9:30pm. Saturday-Sunday 10:00am-9:30pm

Eligibility Requirements: Agency Clients  

Fare: For work trips only

Minimum Reservation Notice: 24 hours

Livingston County

Futures Unlimited, Inc.

Brian Blossom, Exec Director

Adeana Fox, CFO

Address: 210 East Torrance Avenue, Pontiac, IL 61764

Phone: 815-842-1122

Fax: 815-842-2728

Email: afox@futuresunlimited.org

Web address: http://www.futuresunlimited.org/

Organization Type: Private Nonprofit

Service Area: Livingston County 

Transportation Services: Demand Response

Schedule: 7:00am-4:30pm

Eligibility Requirements: Agency Clients

Minimum Reservation Notice: 24 hours

LIFE Center for Independent Living

Web address: http://www.lifecil.org

Address: 601 North Ladd Street, Pontiac, IL  61764

Phone: 815-844-1132

Rickielee Benecke, Executive Director

Email: lifecil@lifecil.org

Serving: DeWitt, Ford, Livingston, and McLean Counties

Livingston County Public Health Department

Address: 310 E Torrance Ave, Pontiac, IL 61764


Larry Lee

Address: 725 W Madison Street, Pontiac, IL 61764

Phone: 815-387-8390

Fax: 815-387-9055

Email: larrylee@mosaicinfo.org

Web address: https://www.mosaicinfo.org/location/mosaic-pontiac

Organization Type: Private Nonprofit

Service Area: Livingston County 

Transportation Services: Demand Response

Schedule: 24/7

Eligibility Requirements: Agency Clients

Fare: None    

Minimum Reservation Notice: None

Livingston County Veterans Assistance Commission

Tom Bailey

Address: 110 W. Water Street, Suite #4 (lower level), Pontiac, IL 61764

Phone: 815-844-7378

Email: lcvac@frontier.com

Wed address: https://www.livingstoncounty-il.org/wordpress/county-services/veterans-assistance/

Agency: Veterans Assistance Commission

Type: Veterans Assistance Commission


Transportation Services

Livingston County Veterans Transportation Service:  Demand Response; Level of Assistance: Door to Door

Transportation is provided from your home in Livingston County to the Peoria VA clinic and VA Medical Centers in Danville and Lafayette.

This service is provided for veterans living within Livingston County.



Peoria: Tuesday and Thursday 

Hines and Danville: Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Times based on appointments. 

Illinois Department of Veterans' Affairs (IDVA) Livingston County

National Guard Armory

Address: 825 W. Reynolds St., Suite 110, Pontiac, IL. 61764

Veteran Service Officer: Chris Grant

Phone: (815) 842-2294

Hours of Operation: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Wednesday Only

McLean County


Laura Dick, President/Executive Director

Rural Public Transportation

Website: https://www.showbusonline.org

​​​​​​Faith in Action

Darla Heath, Executive Director

Email: director@bnfia.org

Address: 600 E. Willow St., Suite 201, Normal, IL 61761

Web address: http://bnfia.org/

Phone: 309-827-7780

Faith in Action is a 501(c)3 organization that provides support to seniors 60 years, included transportation for access to medical care and for shopping.  Faith in Action manages an extensive volunteer force which provides transportation in personal vehicles.

Eligible: Age 60+ residents of Bloomington, Normal, Heyworth, Hudson, and Towanda

East Central Illinois Area Agency on Aging

Address: 1003 Maple Hill Road, Bloomington, IL 61705-9327

Executive Director: Susan C. Real

Phone: 309-829-2065 X 218

Planning & Grants Manager: Amanda Hyde

Phone: 309-829-2065 X 216

Email: aginginfo@eciaaa.org

LIFE Center for Independent Living

Address: 2201 Eastland Drive, Suite 1, Bloomington, IL 61704

Executive Director: Rickielee Benecke

Email: lifecil@lifecil.org

The LIFE Center for Independent Living is a not-for-profit, non-residential organization empowering individuals with disabilities by sharing the tools needed to take control of one’s own life.  LIFE-CIL also promotes equal opportunities and access by breaking down barriers and prejudices within communities.

Mid Central Community Action

Phone: 309-829-0691

MCCA delivers services to the residents McLean and Livingston counties in three main areas. MCCA provides countering domestic violence services via its Neville House shelter, emergency hotline, and counseling and intervention services to victims. MCCA offers the whole spectrum of traditional Community Action programs including CSBG/Family Services Programs, energy assistance, home weatherization, transitional housing, and supportive case management. In partnership with the community, MCCA provides financial coaching, home ownership counseling and educational opportunity via its Next Step program.


Phone: 309-451-8888

Marcfirst provides a continuum of services and supports for families, children and adults throughout their lifetime including residential, vocational development, employment, high school transition and therapeutic supports for children. The Supported Employment Program (SEP) provides supports for individuals living in McLean County with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are unemployed, underemployed or employed, with obtaining and maintaining community employment. Services provided by SEP include Customized Employment, pre-employment training, employer education and job training and support for as the long as the individual requires services to be successful.

Illinois Dept. of Human Services, Division of Rehabilitation Services

Public Service Administrator: Lizette Tripur

Phone: 309-371-8729

Email: lizette.tripur@illinois.gov

The Illinois Department of Human Services, Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) administers the Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) program for the State of Illinois. The primary mission of the VR program is to assist individuals with disabilities to prepare for, gain and retain successful employment. Services to employers include access to talented labor force, career transition services for laid off workers; and rehabilitation technology service.

McLean County Veterans Assistance Commission

Agency: Veterans Assistance Commission

Type: Veterans Assistance Commission

Jerry Vogler 

Address: 200 W. Front St. Suite 350, Bloomington, IL 61701

Phone: 309-888-5140

Email: vac@mcleancountyil.gov

Web address: https://www.mcleancountyil.gov/98/Veterans-Assistance

Transportation Services

McLean County Veterans Transportation Service

  • Fixed Route
  • Local VAC provides rides to Danville and to the Peoria VAC pickup point, (McDonalds).
  • This service is provided for veterans living within McLean County.
  • Level of Assistance: Curb to Curb

Illinois Department of Veterans' Affairs (IDVA) McLean County

National Guard Armory

Address: 1616 S. Main St., Rooms 117A & 117B, Bloomington, IL. 61701


Veteran Service Officers

Patrick McFadden

Phone: (309) 820-2567

Hours of Operation: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday through Friday


Chris Grant

Phone: (309) 827-5811

Hours of Operation: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday