Planning: It’s what we do and how we serve the community.Planning sustainable growth for Bloomington-Normal's communities

Planning our community happens at many levels, from neighborhoods to all of McLean County as a whole. To be meaningful, our planning work must connect at multiple levels of emphasis and to a wide array of community interests and concerns.

That’s why the McLean County Regional Planning Commission partners with a diverse array of public and private entities. Through planning, we develop a vibrant sense of place using local policies and practices regarding land use, infrastructure, and community facilities. We are fortunate to have considerable support for the forward-looking goals that anchor our planning decisions. We are even more fortunate for the willing individuals, public and private organizations, and local government entities that sustain our preparation for whatever changes lie ahead.

We’re the designated MPO for Bloomington-Normal. Here’s what that means.

A Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is a transportation policy-making body composed of representatives from local government and transportation implementers.

As your MPO, we do comprehensive, cooperative, and continuing transportation planning, including inclusive outreach for public input. Our planning work qualifies our communities to obtain federal transportation funding for projects in our community.

When a community reaches a population of 50,000 or greater, MPOs are established to ensure that current and future federal expenditures for transportation needs are decided through a comprehensive, cooperative, and continuing (3C) planning process. The distribution of federal funding for transportation projects in our urbanized area and McLean County is based on the joint efforts of local, state, and federal participants. In legislation passed from the early 1990s through today, Congress has introduced new requirements and rules within the 3-C process, so we monitor these changes and adapt our transportation planning efforts to implement them.

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We plan for sustainable growth. Here’s how.

Sustainable growth guides our planning by keeping social, environmental, and fiscal/economic needs in balance, working together for the best future. It recognizes the potential benefits of population and economic growth, but sets high standards to preserve and enhance the community for both present and future generations. It involves building livable communities featuring distinctive identities with pedestrian-friendly designs and many social and cultural amenities. It also promotes economic growth to provide the jobs and tax base to help support these amenities. Of course, sustainable growth only occurs in harmony with the natural environment.

In today’s world, sustainable growth is inextricably linked to technology. From smart cities to communication to health and safety—technology supports our lives today and sets us up for even greater future growth.

"If you don't embrace technology, prepare to be part of the digital rustbelt in 10 years."
- Bob Bennett, CIO of Kansas City, MO, 2018 Information Forum Keynote Speaker

Organizational Structure

MCRPC Organization Structure and Persons

 MCRPC Bylaws

These bylaws have been adopted by a majority vote of the McLean County Regional Planning Commission, in accordance with Chapter 55 ILCS, Act 5, Article 5, paragraphs 14001 through 14007, and the November 17, 1992 Resolution of the McLean County Board. 

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