Land use and the transportation system can operate symbiotically, each supporting the essential functions of the other. However, land use and development practices and the design and management of the transportation system may also work at cross-purposes without a conscious effort to integrate their impacts.

The first stage of this effort is the correlation of goals and recommendations in the Bloomington and Normal comprehensive plans and the Long-Range Metropolitan Transportation Plan 2045 (LRMTP). Although the compilation of strategies was incorporated into the communities’ planning process, the work of connecting transportation and land use on a continuing basis remains.  This program offers opportunities for local governments, agencies and MCRPC to explore possible methods to formally tie the two aspects of the community together as growth and change demand new approaches.

MCRPC will use its allocation of IDOT’s State Metropolitan Planning grant funds to establish an annual Transportation and Land Use Connections Program (TLC Program), either through grants to local governments and agencies for specific project proposals, or to support MCRPC as it carries out relevant investigations with or on behalf of its planning partners.

MCRPC expects the TLC Program to be an annual process, beginning with inquiries by or on behalf of local government or agencies.  Eligible projects for this grant include:

  • Direct action or program instituted by local government/agency supporting the land use/transportation connection;
  • Modification of the MCRPC regional project review process to support the connection;
  • Development, public process and adoption of revisions or additions to
    • Local and regional plans addressing specific topics (i.e. sidewalks, pedestrian/bicycle facilities) related to the transportation/land use connection;
    • Municipal or other ordinances or associated regulations, such as zoning and subdivision ordinances, building codes, parking requirements, etc.
    • Route 66 project action plan
    • Place making projects aimed at improving the experience of walkers and bicyclists
    • Transportation facilities analysis


TLC Grant Application

The 2019 TLC Grant Application is now open

Apply Here


Important Dates

Opening Date: July 3, 2019.

Closing Date: August 31, 2019.

MCRPC staff may request additional clarifying details about the application no later than: September 13, 2019

The Commission is expected to make the final funding determination at the October 2, 2019 MCRPC Commission meeting.