Human Services

When planning for the Bloomington-Normal area, we strive to ensure that opportunities and benefits are available to everyone in the community. The equitable treatment for all residents, workers, and students is essential to planning for our urban community, rural communities, and transportation system.

We rely on our community partners to help us effectively plan well for social, ethnic, and economic communities in our region that have historically had limited access to community benefits. These partners represent and serve diverse and vital groups, including people with disabilities, ethnic and racial minorities, older people, young people, and families and individuals facing economic challenges.

In our principal plans, McLean County Regional Planning Commission integrates tracking and evaluation methods to confirm that access to the planning process and its outcomes are equitable in their outreach and impact. MCRPC is committed to upholding the civil rights guarantees of the federal and state governments. We achieve this through outreach across the entire region, both directly and with the help of partner agencies that represent and serve challenged communities.


Key Human Services Documents

Title VI Plan 2018

September 2018
This plan explains the steps that MCRPC takes in ensure that every person can participate in the planning work carried out by MCRPC.
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Humanitarian and Social Aspects Chapter from Town of Normal Comprehensive Plan

November 2017
When asked to describe Normal, people who live here tend to paint a very positive picture of this community.
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Human Services Transportation Plan for Region 6

August 2015
In recent decades, federal transportation policy has been crafted to address specific investments intended to improve the nation’s transportation infrastructure and to support and implement a broad set of policy goals.
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A Framework for Coordination: The Human Services Transportation Plan for the Bloomington-Normal Urbanized Area

March 2010
The Human Services Transportation Plan provides an introduction to the demographics, characteristics and transportation systems in the Bloomington – Normal urban area.
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