New 30-day Period for Public Review

MCRPC posts below an updated Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) for fiscal years 2020-2024.  This update includes the IDOT projects announced late in October, and some changes to locale projects resulting from that IDOT programmed project announcement as well as allocation of Rebuild Illinois capital funds for transportation.

A quick comparison with the TIP adopted in June.                                                                                                                                  

A few announcements…

  • Starting Monday, December 30, there is a 30-day period for public review and comment on the updated project list and other TIP revisions.
  • There will be a public hearing regarding the revised TIP report on January 17, 2020 during the scheduled meeting of the MCRPC Transportation Technical Committee.
  • Watch this space for further information and posting updates.

FY 2020-2024 Program Funding Allocations and Sources

FY 2020-2024 Project Lists, Programmed and Illustrative

FY 2020-2024 Transit Program for Connect Transit

The Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) is a multi-year summary for urban area road improvement projects and public transit activities for the Bloomington-Normal urbanized area.  The program also includes transportation projects for pedestrians and bicycle users which, with a few exceptions, rely mostly on local funding.

Each year the TIP development process begins in early spring, as the local governments begin their budget process for the new fiscal year.  Each participating government or agency prepares a list of projects they intend to pursue over the next five years, and for which funding has been confirmed with the funding source.  This means that the TIP is “fiscally constrained,” meaning that every project can be completed within the identified and committed funds.

The TIP includes an inventory of projects by year, maps of projects in each year, a breakdown of funding sources and anticipated expenditures for all listed projects, the process for establishing priorities for project implementation, a section focused on funding for transit providers and appendices providing technical information and documentation of public engagement in the development of the TIP.

MCRPC is responsible for the development of the annual Transportation Improvement Program, working in partnership with local governments, agencies and other interested parties.  MCRPC relies on the staff in each jurisdiction to review their project submissions with their budget process and adopted capital improvement plan, if any, to ensure consistency between these documents.

The MCRPC Transportation Technical Committee provides information for inclusion in the annual TIP update, and reviews the draft document for publication to provide an opportunity for public comment.  The public review period lasts 30 days.  Once public review is concluded, the Technical Committee conducts a public hearing for final comments.  If the Technical Committee approves the document, it is referred to the Transportation Policy Committee for final action.  Each TIP update is valid for two fiscal years, although it remains MCRPC policy that the TIP will be updated annually.

Changes to the TIP while it is active can be made by amendment or administrative modification.  Any participating entity may proposed amendments to reflect significant changes in their projects, included budget revisions or changes in the scope and location of the project.  Small revisions to TIP projects may be carried out by administrative modification, in which MCRPC staff post an update to the TIP reflecting the change.  This process is only available for minimal changes; a full description of the process and criteria may be found in the introductory section of the current Transportation Improvement Program.


                               FY 2021 - FY 2025 TIP

                                                                    FY 2021 - 2025 Tip  - Dra  ft

FY 2020 - FY 2024 TIP

 FY 2020-2024  TIP - Final Document

 FY 2020-2024 TIP - Amendment #1

 FY 2020-2024 TIP - Amendment #2

Previous TIPs, Administrative Modifications, and Amendments can be found in the Document Center (Plans > Transportation > Transportation Improvement Plan)