MCRPC is the leader for planning tomorrow's McLean County.


We bring expert planning, deep local knowledge and vibrant public participation as we shape our future to promote opportunity, livability and sustainability.


Regionalism -  We believe regionalism is the cornerstone of our existence, and our unique regional perspective provides us the vantage point to address issues that extend beyond traditional boundaries.

  • We are the catalyst for building consensus from diverse viewpoints.
  • We provide forums that facilitate regional dialogue.
  • Our planning process promotes regional unity.

Governance - We feel policy decisions are best made by the level of government closest to the people.

  • We directly involve local governments in our decision-making process.
  • Our process operates through the Commission, an executive board of local government and agency representatives.
  • The Commission is supported by the Executive Committee and numerous study, technical, and policy committees.

Service - We serve the planning needs of communities of McLean County individually and collectively.

  • We advance the recognition that healthy communities balance diverse needs.
  • We work collaboratively with local governments, area organizations, private entities and other public-private efforts to achieve that balance. 

Innovation - We recognize our communities are best served by our ability to anticipate the consequences of dynamic change.

  • We focus on innovative solutions to both existing and future challenges facing local governments and the region, grounded in respect for our history and culture.

Advocacy - We advocate on behalf of our regional community at all levels of government.

  • We maintain an objective and impartial approach to issues.
  • We adhere to strong standards of professionalism in all aspects of our work for the betterment of the Region.

Inclusion - We engage the public in an open and broadly participatory planning process.

  • We seek active participation and welcome alternate views of all groups.
  • We ensure that all citizens have the opportunity to observe, debate, question, and participate in the planning process.

Professionalism & Excellence - We provide high quality services through well-trained, technically proficient staff.

  • We offer informed and professional technical assistance.
  • We have a firm commitment to dedicated, high-quality public service.
  • We hold ourselves accountable to municipalities, the public, and granting authorities.