Request for Proposal (RFP)

Veterans Parkway Corridor Plan

MCRPC is seeking proposals from qualified consultants or consulting firms for the preparation of a Corridor Plan, funded partially by a federal RAISE planning grant, to reinvent the outdated, car-centric 10-mile stretch Veterans Parkway (I-55 Business Route/Old U.S. Route 66) to become a safer, multi-modal urban corridor in the Bloomington-Normal metropolitan area. Deadline for receipt of all proposals is Monday, April 29, 2024, at 2:00 p.m. (CST). The RFP is available here or; and may be obtained in the office of MCRPC.  Call 309-828-4331 or email with inquiries.


Veterans Parkway Corridor Study FAQs:

1. Question: Our understanding is that the “Market Analysis” will be focused on Transportation Market Analysis, analyzing the supply and demand for transportation needs with multi-modal transportation, racial equity analysis, zero vehicle households, and underserved communities.  Please let us know whether you find our explanation for “Market Analysis” appropriate for this project.

Response: Veterans Parkway is the largest and busiest transportation corridor in our region.   To plan its future, it is vital to understand the corridor in its economic and social context. The reinvention of Veterans Parkway may spark more redevelopment opportunities and an economic development renaissance along the corridor.  The Market Analysis should address this context and determine what development opportunities/services might be in demand.

2. Question: Please explain MCRPC’s preferences for the delivery options for the “Work Samples”? Would a link to Google/Dropbox Drive that contains sample reports be acceptable?

Response: Hard copies of the sample reports or a link to Google/Dropbox Drive that contains sample reports would be acceptable.

3. Question: When referencing “work samples”, is the Commission seeking to review actual final reports delivered to other clients on similar projects? If yes, please note that some of these reports are voluminous. Maybe the consultant could provide a single print copy or a weblink to view the document?

Response: Yes.  The consultant could provide a single print copy or a weblink to view the document.

4. Question: The submittal format requests “work samples.” Do you anticipate needing a simple summary of the project or do you want to see full reports or deliverables?

Response: Hard copies of the full sample reports or a link to Google/Dropbox Drive that contains those sample reports are warranted.  A simple summary of the project is optional, but would not replace the said hard copies or the link as required.

5. Question: Would it be acceptable if the proposal submission provides a client list relevant to Traffic Engineering/Transportation Planning/Multimodal Planning for the past 3 years? A list of all clients for the past 3 years would be very long.

Response: Yes.

6. Question: A sample contract would be dozens of pages long. Would it be acceptable to include the Sample Contract only in the digital version of the proposal to reduce the size of the 5 printed and bound proposals? 

Response: Yes, a digital version of the Sample Contract to be included only in the digital version of proposal would be acceptable.  A sheet of notation referring such to the digital version should be included in each of the printed and bound proposals for reference. 

7. Question: Are there any DBE requirements for the proposal?

Response: Not yet known. This point will be updated as soon as possible.

8. Question: Should the cost proposal be submitted under a separate cover than the other requested items?

Response: It’s not mandatory, but preferred.

9. Question: Will MCRPC accept receiving only electronic submittals by email (and no hard copies)?  

Response: Electronic submittals by email and hard copies are required as stated in the RFP.

10. Question: If MCRPC requires hard copies, will MCRPC accept receiving an emailed electronic copy by the deadline (no later than 2:00 pm CST on April 29, 2024), even if the physical hard copies arrive after that time? 

Response: Emailed electronic copy and the hard copies required have to be received by the stated deadline by MCRPC. 

11. Question: Are there any DBE requirements for the proposal? 

Response: Consultants are suggested to make the highest & best effort to include qualified DBEs.