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How extensive is the MCRPC's or the Town of Normal's GIS database?

The Town and MCRPC use and contribute to the McLean County GIS Consortium, public access to which is available at Review of the McGIS site gives a sense of the breadth of this resource. In addition, the Town has expanded access to its GIS data collections, including AADT information. Relevant data will be made available to the selected consultant for the use of this project. Please take note of the following complementary projects currently underway:

  • Health in Transportation Planning on Main Street – this is a technical assistance project with FTA/FHWA for second round testing of the federal planning framework for integrating health into transportation planning; MCRPC is using this to refine the existing plans for the reconstruction of Main Street between College Avenue in Normal and Downtown Bloomington.
  • Community-wide Vision Zero strategy development – this State Planning and Research grant project is for the development of a locally designed Vision Zero adoption and implementation strategy, applying the findings of MCRPC’s Complete Streets report and empirical data from Vision Zero, Towards Zero Deaths and other national and international examples of the principle.
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Counter Project: A state grant is being utilized to install bicycle and pedestrian counters throughout Bloomington and Normal. These counters are expected to be installed by Fall 2019. Data gathered through these counters will be made available to the selected consultants.

Do the Town of Normal and MCRPC intend to play an active role in the plan process by supporting or leading any tasks?

The MCRPC and the Town staff intend to play an active role in support of the planning process. The consultants are expected to clearly outline the nature and type of assistance sought from local staff in their submittal.