About the Project

What is BN Advantage? BN Advantage is a strategy to advance the region's vitality and foster growth by building on McLean County's reputation as an employment and lifestyle destination. Click here to find out more about BN Advantage. The BN Advantage strategy identified establishing five task forces to steer efforts - talent/workforce, marketing/communications, quality of life/place, entrepreneurship, and indicators/metrics. 

BN Vitals is a product of the Indicators and Metrics Task Force whose main responsibility is to review, inventory, develop, and coordinate the creation of a regional dashboard of socio-economic indicators, as well as establishing a method to collect baseline data for the recommended metrics presented in Section 6 of the BN Advanatage report.


This economic dashboard is meant to provide a snapshot of what drives the BN economy and community for city leaders, existing businesses, perspective businesses, investors, newcomers and and current residents.

Data Dictionary

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How to Read Indicator Boxes


BN Advantage Indicators and Metrics Taskforce Members

Deanna Frautschi, Co-Chair
Country Financial (Retired)

Sally Heffernan
Town of Normal

Adam Garey, Co-Chair
Country Financial

Teri Legner
Town of Normal

Dr. Frank Beck
Illinois State University

Ed Neaves
Snyder Companies

Gregg Chadwick
Heartland Community College

Dr. Lynne Haeffele
Illinois State University

Mike Doherty
Illinois Farm Bureau

Vasu Gadhiraju
Executive Director, MCRPC

Austin Grammer
City of Bloomington

Alyssa Cooper
Community Planner, MCRPC


Help us Improve the Dashboard

Have ideas on specific metrics you would like us to track? Notice anything that isn't working or could be improved? Contact us by e-mail or phone at (309) 828-4331.