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The community information forum was envisioned by the McLean County Regional Planning Commission in 2005 to highlight awareness of issues that could affect future regional and community planning. Educating the general public, government, and business about innovations in planning and development practices is important for the future of any region. Each forum addresses a topic and features a speaker that has successfully implemented important planning concepts on the local regional, or national level.

2018 Info Forum

21st Century Communities for 21st Century Citizens

As Bloomington-Normal and McLean County gear up to redefine our economy, we must recognise the drastic effects of technology on the future of our cities. And the future is now. Technology integration is especially challenging as it is ever evolving and impacting a wide array of services and infrastructure. More than ever before, many different organizations - public and private - will need to come together to help transform our cities to 21st century communities.

During the keynote, you will hear about how Kansas City, Missouri is collaborating with community, business, academic and technology stakeholders to integrate ever evolving technologies to create an open government and improve citizen services and engagement.

This years topic speaks to the core of BN Advantage - collaborative economic development efforts to create a vibrant and sustainable regional economy in Bloomington-Normal and McLean County.

Update 3/27/2018: The American Planning Association (APA) has approved 2 CM credits for this session.

Keynote Speaker: Bob Bennett, Chief Innovation Officer, Kansas City, MO

Bio: Bob Bennett became the Chief Innovation Officer for the City of Kansas City, Missouri, in January 2016 after a 25-year career in the US Army. He leads the Smart City initiatives, a suite of projects including: data analysis, Public Wi-Fi, digital kiosk installation, and smart lighting programs in the city’s downtown core. Kansas City’s initiatives earned an Edison Award (Gold) for “Collective Disruption” and civic innovation in 2017. Bob is currently working on plans to extend Smart City infrastructure throughout the 318 miles of KCMO with an emphasis on Digital Inclusion and partnering with Avis on deployment of the first fully Connected Vehicle Fleet in a municipality. 

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